What is Scanner


Scanner : Complete question bank of last 20 various levels of CA ,CS and CMA (ICAI) examinations , chapter-wise, category-wise for step-by-step, extensive and perfect preparation and practice. It helps in finding examination trend through multiple comparisons and analysis of questions.

  • Quick traceability- Reference of the page numbers of Suggested Answers for every question.
  • Bird’s eye view of question paper based contents for five attempts.
  • Hints, applicable section and Case Laws with questions.
  • Graphs showing marks allotment in last 10th examinations amongst Objective, Short Notes, Distinguish   between, Descriptive Questions and Practical Problem.
  • Table showing importance of chapter on the basis of marks
  • List of Similarly Asked Questions at the end of every chapter
  • Line Chart showing relative importance of chapters.
  • Model Test Paper at the back of each solved scanner.


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