CA Aspirants Beat the Pandemic Blues

Stuck indoor? Spending more time than you ever have at home? It is important in these testing times to safeguard yourself from the Corona Virus and minimize your contact with people and places.

Before Covid, as you were attending coaching classes, group studies, work and were moving around for many other purposes as well, you had a routine and the day had an order. You must be missing that routine and order.

At the beginning you would have felt like some fun or break but not for longer. And it doesn’t seem ending very soon. It will take its course to develop a safe vaccine. We have to adapt to this new situation and must make a progress by utilizing this time well.

People having great patience and diligence takes up the path of professional degrees like CA, CS, CMA and others. Aspirants of these degrees are the ones who have self-discipline and a strong commitment as these examinations can’t be passed without these traits.

So this is just a nudge to remind you if you are lost in the sluggishness of being home from long. 

Points to Think Over:

  • Restore your sense of being and stand for the reason of each day given to you by God.
  • Respect yourself for who you are and what can you do. Just think of positive changes you may bring by activating yourself to action.

Points to Act:

  • Follow morning routines. Staying home doesn’t mean staying in pajamas and short pants, Dress yourself well. Do your hair, keep yourself clean and fresh.
  • Make time for everything. Make a routine plan that is easy to follow and follow this routine plan for 10 days. Then make the improvisations in timings and order of activities, if required, but go slow. Make only one change and practice for 10 days and then the next change.
  • Plan your studies but with regular intervals. Give high importance to your study material, and also find place for reference books and other sources that may help you build a good understanding of subjects.
  • Plan solving past year question papers in stipulated time every week or fortnight. This will help you understand your weak areas to work upon. Buy past year papers here
  • Find time to chat with your peer group and friends and discuss topics with them.
  • Make a time for group studies on video conferencing Apps like Google Meet, Zoom etc. This will help you come out of loneliness and will be a great platform for group studies. But make it focused on topic and outcome.
  • Take good sleep. Keep 7 – 8 hours for sleep in your routine plan.
  • Keep some “me time” to express yourself through your hobby at least 3 to 4 hours a week. That will keep you happy and motivated.
  • You may include activities as per your needs and priorities as in this Covid times household chores are also to be performed. Don’t overburden yourself but don’t lie idle without purpose and routine.

The crux is accepting the situation and doing your best. These times will pass surely but wasting a long period is wise from no angle, so make best out of it. Sticking to your routine with required improvisations will do the trick.

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