Know the Rank Holders

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Know the Rank Holders

Syeed Alisha-Rank Holder

Syeed Alisha

AIR: 20 (CS Foundation, December 2017)


How do you feel after passing CS Examination?

Feel like I am one step closer towards achieving my dream, a step closer towards providing a luxurious life to my parents.

What all has contributed to this success?                                                                                                                   

Effective time management, thorough revision…. and an easy to follow, time table.

What challenges did you face during your preparation?

Choosing the right answer from almost same options.

How could you cope up with them? How did your coaching/teacher(s) help you?

By thoroughly reading each and every topic and understanding. I had nobody to guide me because I cleared my CS foundation without taking any coaching.

Your advice to the aspirant for CS Examination.

Just believe in yourself and avoid cramming.

Your views about Scanner or Solved Scanner.

Solved scanners really help a lot, with their help we come to know that how questions are asked in exams…. how to look out for the correct answer and exam trend analysis specially Shuchita solved scanners….actually they were my only teacher in foundation exams.

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